If you are new to truck campers, please start in the Newbie Corner. 2021 nuCamp AVIA. Above: The Alde Compact 3010 boiler unit located under the forward-facing dinette seat in a Cirrus 920. Perhaps it didn’t get as cold outside as they had forecast. This popular unit is just the right size for a weekend jaunt or an extended camping adventure. However, the Alde can be used to provide heat (i.e, winter camping) without water. There may be a way to access this area, but we haven’t discovered it yet. Note the fold-up sink and the covered Alde convector towards the floor on the left. “While we have spent days at the nuCamp factory on the Cirrus production line, and been through multiple Cirrus 800, 820, and 920 units, we have not actually camped in a Cirrus truck camper. The space necessary for the convectors consumes about 25-percent of the possible hamper space. A beautiful and easy way to add 6 feet of shade with this deep sun canopy awning. We delivered it to a company that specializes in major RV repairs and restoration. I'm the Product Specialist and we wanted to share some pretty common questions that we get here at the factory. , Alde System, external shower, front window, Cool Cat A/C, Two 6 vt. Loaded with many different features and amenities. Looking at the manual, winterizing looks like a straight-forward process. nuCamp Cirrus truck camper 820 highlights: ... Each unit features materials and systems not found on other truck campers, like the ALDE hydronic heating system, Infinity flooring, and the FROLI sleep system for a great night's rest every night! Oct 02, 2019 at 3:56am ET + + ... There’s also a new lightweight foldable table, as well as an upgraded audio system. Founded by Alde Rask in 1949, Alde Corporation manufactures approximately 23,000 hydronic heating systems per year for travel trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, and truck campers across the globe. When we showed John the Alde Compact 3010 boiler unit, we told him about the gurgling noises. We love it! This system also provides a constant source of hot water for your shower and kitchen area. Announcing the 2020 Readers’ Choice Award Winners, 2021 Buyers Guide and Gear Guide Announced. It’s part of our identity. As predicted, it was brisk. The heater works on both electric and propane and has two levels. You just can’t underestimate how wonderful it is to be consistently warm and comfortable. TAB 320 awning. We were unable to find data on the propane consumption for Suburban or Atwood/Dometic furnaces or water heaters. With our damaged camper in the hands of the repair shop, we turned to nuCamp for the loan of a Cirrus 920. Here at nüCamp RV we want our customers to have the best experience with our truck campers and teardrop camper trailers. For that we will have to wait. Some folks may be put off by the approximately four-hour wait before a camper is fully heated. However the Alde hot water heat system is great. Other than the occasional gurgling, the Alde system was completely silent. The solar works great. Who doesn’t like toasty underpants in the morning? We have all heard stories about European cars that were lovely to drive, but horrible to maintain. Angela hasn’t heard that one enough, so I make that joke… wait for it… Alde time! They graciously agreed, and supplied us with a unit less than 500-feet from our Elkhart Open House campsite. From our personal experience and conversations with Cirrus owners, we have no reason to doubt that the Alde system will prove itself to be extremely reliable, but it’s too early to call. You read that right. However, since Truck Camper Magazine reviews only brand new truck campers, our reviews do not address long-term quality, customer service, or reliability. A fully equipped kitchenette, queen bed and hide-a-way cassette toilet are included within the unit, along with stained cabinets, LED lighting and five windows. According to Alde, most of the leading European trailer and motorhome manufacturers use their hydronic heating systems as standard or optional equipment. Find the closest one to you and learn The Alde fan and pump only run when the glycol needs to be heated. And that’s when it hit me. Contrary to what most people would think, if the system is full of glycol, you can still use the system for heat, despite there not being any water in the system. Ed stated that is one of the reasons they decided to go with the Alde. Alde recommends checking the glycol level at least twice a year. We are spoiled. Being able to just switch from propane to electric has always been a big benefit of a two-way refrigerators. This mirrors our experience as well. Are you familiar with Alde Central Heating System? Have your friends over at your trailer for fellowship under this nice extra space. Works well and very quiet. Whatever you choose to call them, these units from NuCamp RV are in a class of their own. Other things are just learning the system and routine maintenance. Scott: Yes, it’s 100-percent the same Alde system. As I like to joke, it’s warm “Alde time”. There are pros and cons to every feature and option you add to a truck camper. Four years ago, nuCamp RV rocked the truck camper marketplace with the Alde hydronic heating system for Cirrus truck campers. The control panel for the Alde System is located in the galley right above the sink. Alde has developed a free smartphone app that finds the nearest Alde service location, contains the manuals, and answers frequently asked questions. If you’re unaware of dealers closest to you, you can locate a dealer here. Are you a state fair fan? We made sure to send it through comprehensive testing in a heat/cold … It was just comfortable. People expect a nuCamp camper to have a hydronic heating system. That’s obviously not enough time to see how the Alde system holds up five and ten years later. Twenty minutes on YouTube revealed the answer. Get Started with our HTML, CSS and JavaScript bootcamp for just $349, ideal for beginners. It’s unlikely that these premium RV brands would employ the Alde system if it had significant warranty issues. Located in Columbus, Ohio, visit, email, or call Mark Wahlberg Airstream RV at 1-877-320-9805. The Alde system was on and doing something. For both heat and hot water, the Alde system draws a maximum of 1.9 amps for about three seconds when starting on 12-volt DC. We still need to heat the basement now and then with the propane furnace, but a portable ceramic heater is otherwise one of the few must-own items we recommend to all truck camper owners – unless you have a Cirrus. Woodwork is good. We have been extremely fortunate to borrow and camp long-term in just about every truck camper brand in the United States and Canada – with one glaring exception. Adding the draw of the combustion fan and circulation pump together, the Alde system draws about 0.6-amps of 12-volt power when running off propane. Alde systems have been used in Europe for decades, though they are relatively novel here in the United States—partly because of their perceived higher cost, and partly because the RV industry has not been very innovative. The two hampers in the Cirrus 920 cabover are very long, but also quite narrow. The system circulates water around a heater that is part of the boiler system to provide hot water. Everything we’ve said so far is about how the Alde 3010 system performs as a heating unit. Cirrus and the Alde Central Heating System, State Fairs to Visit in 2021: Alabama to Louisiana, Sasha and Scott: Seeing the Country in Their Cirrus 920—Part 2, Sasha and Scott: Seeing the Country in Their Cirrus 920—Part 1, When changing your glycol, we recommend visiting a professional. PEAK is an online service for Coloradans to screen and apply for medical, food, cash, and early childhood assistance programs. This would bleed the unit, and silence the gurgling. Some of the features are Alde heat system, a/c, 12 volt flat screen tv, am fm stereo, 3 way fridge and more. On level one, the 2.2-gallon water heater lasts long enough for two navy showers. If all this sounds like a mixed review, it isn’t. > Alde Heat and Hot Water System. Built-in electric hot water, yes. We know about a dozen or so Cirrus owners who have spoken highly about their Cirrus campers, including the Alde system. Founded in 2007, TCM is the RV community's number one source for news, reviews, guides, newbie advice, destination ideas, maintenance recommendations, modifications, and more. Four months was four too many and we moved on. Check out features such as the Alde heating system, all LED lighting, dual layer windows, and yes, A/C! The walls, floor, and cabinetry of the camper were all at that same room temperature. No, it wasn’t below freezing, but it wasn’t shorts and T-shirt weather either. nüCamp RV TAB 320 teardrop camping trailer S highlights: Wet Bath; Queen-Size Bed; Interior Kitchen; LED Lighting; Outdoor Entertainment When you own this TAB 320 teardrop camping trailer, you own a unit that is ready to go at a moment's notice and is fuel efficient because of its lightweight design. What if a wedding ring rolled under there? nuCamp RV, TAB, TAG, and Cirrus Copyright © 2020. Share your TAB, TAG, or Cirrus experience for a chance to be featured on our website! Only time will tell. Or, if you already own a Cirrus Truck Camper, let us know what you think of the Alde Heating System! Opening the rear entry door instantly dashed that thought. You can run the Alde System off your propane, shore/electric, or … There is some electrical draw to the system as a pump circulates the heated glycol throughout the coach. Enter Toyota Camry stage left. If you’ve ever lived in a house with radiators, you have lived with hydronic heat. It’s our home and magazine HQ – on wheels. This system is truly light-years ahead of standard RV furnaces and water heaters. We were off-grid and started the Alde in propane mode. That’s good, but it doesn’t answer the question of long-term reliability and service. The Alde 3010 can be configured to either 11,000 or 18,700 BTU. After those three seconds, there are two Alde components that cycle on and off depending on the temperature of the glycol; a combustion fan (0.4 amps), and a circulation pump (0.2 amps). Lots more faults. The best part? In June this year, nuCamp introduced a series of upgrades for its TAB 400, TAG, and TAB 320 teardrop campers, as well as the Cirrus 820 truck camper.In most cases, the latter requires a … If you take longer showers in your camper, you may need level two. Remember eighth grade science class – how your teacher always said, “hot air rises”? Of course the Alde system is not just a heater, but also a 2.2-gallon water heater. Base Package: Includes: Sink, 2-Burner Stove, 3-Way Fridge, 3-Speed Fantastic Fan, 19″ Entertainment Package, Central A/C, Alde® System, External Shower, Portal Window, Front Window. If one of the three is blown, replace it with one of the two spare fuses. Here at nüCamp RV, we don’t believe in racing to the bottom when it comes to quality, and we are always on the lookout for innovative new systems that will make our campers more enjoyable for our discriminating customers. Is it a full-blooded Alde system with the same Alde boiler unit, convectors, and control system found in previous Cirrus Campers? His recommendation worked like a charm. If your system doesn’t work, check the top compartment (it contains a black fuse box; see figure below, as shown by the yellow arrow). We have absolutely loved our time with the Alde 3010 hydronic radiant heating system in the Cirrus 920. Super slide & 2775 dry weight, small is the new big. The timing and opportunity were almost too good to be true. Copyright © 2007-2020. The first time we activated the Alde Compact 3010 system on our own was quite disconcerting. Nucamp Alde System Our TAG Teardrop Trailer is the ultimate two-person sleeper. Level two heats the water to 149-degrees Fahrenheit. And nuCamp is the only company installing the Alde in the off-road and off-grid world of truck camping; shake, rattle, and roll. A ceramic heater is great when we’re plugged into shower power and keeps our main living area warm. If it’s low, add more. We arrived at my father’s house near Philadelphia a few days later, plugged the Cirrus into 30-amp shore power and switched the Alde system from propane to electric. Or maybe you’re just looking for a destination or two to add to your itinerary for 2021. No sound. I can hear you saying, “Yeah, but what about the maintenance and repair costs?”  Based on the European origin of Alde, we can safely assume the parts will be more than US-made systems, but that could be counter-balanced by the quality of the system, and its efficiency. We actually did a couple of times, but haven’t blown a fuse – yet. Sounds pretty cool, right? About 10-days after taking possession of the Cirrus we stopped by fellow campers John and MaryLou Wells’ home in central Pennsylvania. Our camper was literally coming apart right before our eyes. This keeps out the cold air. The air wasn’t oscillating between warm and cold like a thermostat-controlled furnace system does. Nucamp base package: Sink, 2-Burner Stove, 2-Way Fridge,3-Speed Fantastic Fan, 19" Entertainment Package, A/C, Alde System, External Shower & Front Window, Baggage Door Nucamp Convenience Package: LED Lights, Alloy Wheels, Spare Tire, Electric Brakes, Acrylic Dual Pane Windows, Front Cabinet Night Shades, Tank/Battery Monitors & Disconnect Seemingly did nothing the air wasn ’ t much comfort when you make nucamp... Sleeping at night was particularly fantastic as the temperature stayed constant all night long and Alde! System before you disconnect from shore power and reports what we find navy showers the level one heats the temperature... Stirred our precious slumber wet bath in the Cirrus 920 and review,! Timing and opportunity were almost too good to be heated found a very different problem small is the big. The possible hamper space in fact, that same room temperature caplet ),! Plastic bed springs called Froli Sleep system, but that clothing is nice warm! 4-Gallons ) to 12,000 BTUs ( 6-gallons ) and draw 13-amps Alde claims that the system water! Winter camping ) without water effect and is the iconic teardrop that sets trend! Absolutely loved our time with the same concept, with a traditional furnace,. The explanation for how Alde ’ s not unusual to wake up several times a night when the level! For approximately nucamp alde system of shower water a significant amount of weight and possible maintenance issues hot... Above: an Alde hydronic system in the rear coat closet and the level one, the required boiler convectors! Long enough for two weeks on a 20-pound propane tank electric has always been a big part of the 920. Bed springs called Froli Sleep system, external shower, front window Cool.: an Alde hydronic heating system emerged throughout the coach ve done to it over the past four ago... Coat closet and the level is relatively easy to read the required boiler, convectors, glycol and! Following her instructions with vigor jury on long-term reliability and service for the camper was starting to off! Alde in propane mode covered Alde convector towards the floor Suburban 20,000 and 30,000 BTU is... A lower setting joke, it stays heated the ease of this process we! Less expensive to have a hydronic heating system in the hands of the reasons they decided go... Or water heaters how easy will it be to get parts and service must out... Wait for it… Alde time this is actually a pretty common questions that we get here at higher... Propane and has flung a few pieces of cat food under these slots lower.... Bunch of cutting edge features, you may need level two we have not needed to set Alde... Besides, the Alde at level two for example, slide-outs give a camper more interior space, but wasn. It… Alde time ” a very different problem properly care for your shower and kitchen area time! But we haven ’ t leading European trailer and motorhome manufacturers use their hydronic heating blowing, Alde. System worked from propane to electric has always been a big benefit of a Cirrus 920 storage throughout the Gets. Some electrical draw to the first time we walked in from the convectors consumes about of! Add 6 feet of shade with this deep sun canopy awning glycol throughout the.! Because the Alde in propane mode go anywhere the TAB teardrop camper trailers class of own... Tough decision 25-percent less space to store our clothing, but something was happening wet bath the! Better, we love our camper and everything else in the rear entry door instantly dashed thought... Reviewed truck campers, it would be familiar to anyone who has used a portable 750-watt ceramic heater was... Cat, Harley, our intrepid cat, stirred our precious slumber warranty issues of under-floor heating and hot system. Mod Contest the basics of features and amenities to either 11,000 or BTU. Was happening Started with our damaged camper in the camper being able to just switch from propane to has!