Lastly, it Will develop patina over time. Each strap is padded, lined and stitched, using one of the most luxurious leathers known to leathercrafters. Looking at some leather samples Steve had on hand, I decided on a mid to dark brown, to dress up the watch a bit. When it comes to watch straps, shell cordovan is a desirable material for several reasons. Tony the Ant. Cordovan, an equine leather produced by the Horween tannery in Chicago, is the ideal material for watch straps due to its toughness and resistance to moisture. The First and foremost, it's supple, soft and comfortable from the first wearing. Spring bars included with every band purchase. For over a year now we've been bringing you hand-made Italian leather watch straps and pouches, and just a few weeks ago we added some nylon NATO straps to the mix. $49.00. Add a sophisticated side to your rugged military watch. Original Shell Cordovan leather from the famous Horween Tannery in Chicago is one of the most exclusive premium materials that the leather market offers. The Nomad Shell Cordovan Strap is designed for the 44mm Apple Watch Series 4, but fits all previous 42mm Apple Watches as well. Cognac Shell Cordovan - Handmade Leather Watch Strap - 17mm 18mm 19mm 20mm 21mm 22mm 24mm ArtisanStraps $ 113.84 FREE shipping Black Horween shell cordovan watch strap vintage minimalistic style. **Buckle shown on strap is not available at this time. 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 24mm. $81.60; From $68.00; Fluco Horween Shell Cordovan Leather Watch Strap Black. Known as one of the most rare and beautiful leathers in the world. This product is handmade-to-order and ships between 6-12 business days. Compare Choose Options. From Fluco, a German company founded in 1952. The natural, raw finish of the leather produces a variety of dark greens intermixed with original stamp marks from Horween's tannery, ensuring that your watch stands out. Shell Cordovan Watch strap / band 16,17,18,19,20 WATCH PILOTS exclusive. It is very durable and unlike many other leathers does not suffer from wrinkles , it instead ripples over creases and bends. This iconic leather is sure to impress and last a lifetime. These straps are 20mm, straight, and unlined. Tanned by the time-honored Horween Leather Company, shell cordovan leather gives the strap classic style. Each Limited Edition Shell Cordovan Apple Watch strap with black hardware contains a unique look on the inside of the band. The only reason I ask is because the vast majority of those straps I see for sell do not have a lining. The natural finish of Shell Cordovan produces an extremely durable leather, renowned for its strength and mirror-like luster. A watch strap made from shell cordovan embodies a distinctive and vintage inspired elegance and is a great choice to tone-down the rigidness of a dress watch. $81.60; $68.00; Size Buckle -+ Add to cart. Available both lined and unlined, in a wide variety of colors, these straps are simple, durable, beautiful, and above all, comfortable. Free shipping . Frank the Enforcer. This fine horse leather is particularly resistant and robust, making it extremely durable but also increasingly supple over the years. I also keep a lot of straps in stock so if you want to get a ready to ship strap, visit my SHOP Thanks, Jan A selection of my straps: Horween Shell Cordovan / side stitching - 79 EUR Horween Shell Cordovan / middle stitching - 79 EUR Italian calf with full stitching - 75 EUR Horween Shell Cordovan full stitching (hand stitched) - 105 EUR The strap ages with grace to present an elegant patina that radiates refinement. In case the leather accidentally gets wet, remove the strap from the Apple Watch and clean the surface with a soft, dry cloth. To preserve the strap due to its horween shell … ... Keep your watch strap away from moisture and humid environments. Handmade watch band with three holes Sporty red orange For sports watches . This black, elegant watchstrap is crafted from high-quality Shell Cordovan leather. Has one fixed and one floating keeper. สายหนังม้า Shell Cordovan เป็นหนังที่สวยงามและคลาสสิคมา Rallye strap, racing strap ,chronograph watch , sport band , natural leather. The first, and most important, is that it is quite durable. It only gets better with age, gaining a beautiful patina from continued use. Quick View Sale. 316L SS buckle in your choice of finish. They come in 20mm lug width and are lined and lightly padded. It is a modern classic, rugged and imperfect. High-Quality Horween Shell Cordovan leather strap in dark blue color with full stitching. The result, a watch strap with a distinguishing character that can withstand the test of time. The combination of a alluring blue color and the glossy surface gives this watch strap a casual and smart look. Compare Choose Options. The strap edges are burnished and dyed black. Available both lined and unlined, in a wide variety of colors, these straps are simple, durable, beautiful, and above all, comfortable. The shells endure a 6-month tanning process at Horween, the oldest operating tannery in America. Shell Cordovan Wallet is a limited edition wallet, handmade in Chicago, IL, designed to celebrate American craftsmanship and the art of the leather tanning process. Each strap is crafted from Horween's Genuine Shell Cordovan. A wonderful leather that exudes luxury. Shell Cordovan Oxblood leather watch strap. Add a sophisticated side to your rugged military watch. Quick view. Shell Cordovan is actually leather from the rear of a horse, typically found in high end shoe making. If you’re on a lookout for a nicely handmade shell cordovan strap, you should put this in your strap purchase list. Skilled artisans tan, stuff, polish, steep in vegetable liquors, hand curry, and hand shave each piece of shell. Custom watch strap … $81.60; From $68.00; Fluco Horween Shell Cordovan Leather Watch Strap Black Flat. Shells have a very tight grain and develops its own style of patina over time. The buckle side of the band is … You'd expect your watches to last a lifetime - the straps shouldn't be any different. Tony the Ant Color #8 shell cordovan $260 $275. Free shipping . This makes it perfect for watch straps, and these unlined versions go with a wide variety of watches. On the one hand, we recommend avoiding large or bulky sized watches as shell cordovan straps are softer and more flexible than most others. Handmade in Germany from genuine Horween shell cordovan leather. Quick view. $39.00. looking to replace the leather strap on my daily chrono with shell cordovan. Free U.S. shipping! Well today we're bringing you another new addition to the HODINKEE Shop: Horween Shell Cordovan straps made right here in the USA. $65.00. This will work with both vintage and modern watches. Shell Cordovan 1 Piece Military Leather Watch Strap - Color 4 (Matte Buckle) $129.99. Coming in at an affordable $110, you can check out their straps here . We all know that Horween Shell Cordovan leather is ideal for making beautiful, enduring footwear, but you may not have realized that its characteristics make a magnificent watch strap as well. These contrast stitched straps are made from the finest leather there is - shell cordovan. Fluco Natural Brown Horween Shell Cordovan Watch Strap - Padded Horween Leather - 18mm, 20mm or 22mm.