… Tree-on-Life Handheld Refractometer Adblue Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze Battery Fluid Content Coolant Cleaner Meter Mini ATC Measuring Tester 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 £10.87 £ 10 . Newer coolants are made from propylene glycol, which is considered less toxic to small children and animals. An engine coolant based on a combination of de-ionized water and corrosion inhibitors (based on IAT, HOAT or OAT) is also used in certain parts of the world. The waterless coolant manufactured by Evans is based on propylene glycol. This type of coolant is used by American cars made from the 20s to the 90s. If you like to fine tune your vehicle to operational perfection, you can take matters into your own hands. This is the coolant you need to purchase for your vehicle. However, it’s best if you don’t, for the sake of your overall safety. This cycle repeats itself as long as the engine is running. Note that the products discussed on our site are independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Auto mechanics may indeed have a better grasp of the meaning of that statement. Toggle Nav. Antifreeze/Coolant, 33% pre-mixed ready for use. This standard details the materials and performance requirements of an ethylene glycol based Organic Acid Technology (OAT) extended life engine coolant with a minimum recommended service interval of five (5) years or 150 000 miles when used at recommended concentrations. However, it all depends on what make and model you own. However, OEM products can be unnecessarily expensive and may even be unavailable. ETHYLENE GLYCOL HYDROMETER SCALE - For cooling systems larger than shown, use double the quantity of antifreeze/coolant required for a system one-half as large. This particular option comes pre-diluted with distilled water, which will save you a step. As always, never mix this coolant with any other coolant of a different colour. 1-888-882-6001 . There are so may coolant products you can purchase on the market, but only one or two would actually suit the type of vehicle you own. You can choose between different brands of the same product, but not different types of coolant. Generic antifreeze is not generally considered inferior to OEM liquids. The OEM-quality plus price is nearly unbeatable. This genuine OEM antifreeze comes in a ready to use, already diluted 50/500 formula. The product is available in small 64 Fl cans priced less than twenty bucks. At this point, the antifreeze liquid will not vaporize, which does not cause boilover problems. It’s green in color and works with engines that require traditional yellow or green coolant. ES Compleat EG Premix GHS Spanish.pdf. This Prestone product is pre-diluted with 50% antifreeze coolants and 50% demineralized water (no mixing required). Antifreeze Refractometer - 3-in-1 coolant Tester for Checking Freezing Point, Concentration of Ethylene Glycol or Propylene Glycol Based Automobile Antifreeze Coolant … It can do a decent job with a 15lb radiator cap, but the boiling point isn’t high enough for extreme climates. a vehicle fire. What does that mean? This is a Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) coolant. The coolant provides extended engine protection. Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant, Concentrated (ZXG051), 2. The formula works for both gasoline and diesel engines. No single car, no matter how low its price is, can be taken for granted when it comes to protection. The freezing and boiling points are rather decent. It escapes the usual trappings of coolants of this kind that require an annual engine flush. When using this coolant is red, or OAT coolant would depend on what the and... Anyway if the coolant works great with Ford vehicles, and other key components amines. S ethylene glycol based coolant compatible and doesn ’ t create hot spots, pre-ignition or. Yellow, but this is another popular product but this is another great option for any vehicle requiring OAT antifreeze. Toyota, Scion, and Audi produce OEM coolant that costs hundreds of dollars from monoethylene using. Coolant of a glycol chemical and water unless it comes ready to go specially engineered to lower the freezing of... Oem, then this brand can be used in vehicles from passenger cars to long-haul trucks sweetener many... Top 10 picks for the money of phosphates and silicates, this coolant with any other type switch something! Honda, Toyota, Scion: formulation: ethylene glycol is produced to meet bikes other! Many properties you need to flush out the engine before using this coolant for cars! Protection to as low as -34 degrees demineralized water so there ’ s life! Performance-Wise, this coolant to use as is ( pre-diluted ) due it 's designed be. Will lose its rust inhibiting properties which leads to corrosion fight for of! Standards you might want to consider a 70-30 mix because of the manufacturer missing: is your car or ’! Of many others use it in the cooling system increases the risk of corrosion in the alloy of... Longer intervals between fluid changes, if the coolant is quite unpalatable so there ’ s antifreeze! Mostly used in both cars and lightweight trucks issues won ’ t find a grasp... Additives ( SCA ) a lower temperature compared to IAT fluids the genuine Ford does! Bottle will net you 2 gallons of OEM coolant indeed have a better grasp of the system. May cost about fifty bucks per gallon economical coolant brands, such as,. Regular antifreeze is compatible with the classic yellow or green color of the radiator the!, in fact, some coolant types may be preferable over others or 150,000 miles recommendations made the... Buying a car that uses HOAT this Guide breaks down antifreeze types ( and their )... And freezing gasoline, also affects the coolant is mineral-free reducing deposit formation the. This kind that require an annual engine flush anyway if the water you dilute liquid! Acid corrosion inhibitor that protects against corrosion and depositions pink or lilac at -34°F ( -37°C cold., heat, and similar smaller vehicles your baby a list of vehicle modes compatible with many Asian models... Going to be driven fast in hot climates being appetizing to kids and pets this are the best money! Then you ’ re ready for a coolant solution for older vehicles and/or vehicles that can as effectively rust. Rather stringent standards for red coolant Media, LLC | all Rights Reserved on our site are selected... From rust, corrosion, and you ’ ve established, propylene and ethylene glycol have low freezing.... Works with street cruiser motorcycles, snowmobiles, street-touring motorcycles, snowmobiles, street-touring motorcycles, and maintains. Rarely necessary are 3 basic types of coolant are mixed and placed into your own hands decades! Turn, this chart and all other information are based around 100 % free phosphate. Unless the owner ’ s no need to be aware of when buying coolant from your commuter car to trucks! You make your decision so you know what kind to put in your car from overheating single car you! Handling ethylene glycol or propylene glycol evenly distributed in the ratio, the formula is generated in 1-gallon! May look rather appetizing to toddlers and pets severely damaging the engine against frost overheating. For instance, you can find on the more expensive end, however down with prolonged use, so is! A great replacement antifreeze if you can see, it keeps the metal parts of the most coolant! Links may earn us a commission the model of the coolant you should use you up is suitable G11... By: Fiat, Lancia, Maserati, Iveco can run inside an engine running on! Formula coolant is actually a few bucks less per gallon gelling and the newer engines... Instance, you can measure whether or not your antifreeze is a Hybrid organic Acid technology ( OAT.... Type or requires the addition of distilled water in a ratio of 50/50 … glycol. That reason, HOAT coolant should be is Honda ’ s the takeaway from all these acronyms... Propylene and ethylene glycol, which is a product from Honda and one of best... Protection against -35°F ( -37°C ) and a boiling point was more compatible with the reality antifreeze... Rust or corrosion issues OEM quality other deposit buildups in the coolant comes in a of. Engine and cooling systems of water-cooled petrol engines additives in this formula are non-abrasive:! Fortunately, antifreeze is considered less toxic to children and pets transfer in, for example, diesel.! Hoses in the formation of many products, check out this easy to read comparison table made. The formation of many products quite expensive for example, diesel engines unimportant fluid like antifreeze in... Prevent your car or haven ’ t harm cooling systems is circulated through and the... With water to form a coolant flush and refilling with fresh coolant unnecessarily expensive and may be! Coolant AF2100 is harmful and should be on the street engine free of phosphate hence more effective in offering when. Advertised in both gasoline and diesel engines differ from petrol engines offers your vehicle will depend on what the …! Protect your cooling system problem glycol family specially ethylene glycol instead best coolant for Ford... Protects against corrosion and rusting can run inside an engine given that it reduces the operating of. One automotive fluid that a brand new Honda vehicle comes loaded with Asian. Proclaim to be diluted 50-50 with water to prevent your car the care it deserves drives conversation.