Ohio is also more than just "the Midwest." With 4.8 out of 5 stars on over 100,000 moves, you might say we’re the best in the business. r/CycleCruza: Anything and everything about motorcycles! But look again: Columbus is becoming a destination city for many as the not-so-well-known gem of the Midwest. Not only do we offer many educational opportunities for our entrepreneurs at our local universities, but we offer assistance to those looking to start their businesses here. There Is No Substitute for Ohio City Pasta. / 10 Reasons to Retire in Ohio When it comes to finding the perfect backdrop for your retirement, Ohio probably isn’t on your list – but maybe it should be. Ohio is unpretentious. One might move to find a better career path or forced by his employers to move to the company’s other branch or office. Cincinnatians Love Buckeyes, Just Not Buckeyes Sports While the rest of Ohio is cheering on The Ohio State Buckeyes, Cincinnati prefers more local teams. Charles Rex Arbogast, Associated Press. Enjoy. People from the North East are used to being able to jump on a train or subway. Here are a few observations: 1) Depending on where you are coming from, one thing Tampa does not have is good public transportation. By . 4 Reasons You Should Think Twice About Moving to Cincinnati. 24. This is a list of those things. 23. There are several factors why people decide to move out or in to a place- economic, social, political, environmental. It’s no surprise people are flocking to North Carolina these days. Jason Zasky . 5 Reasons You Might Think Twice About Moving to Cleveland. Experts say that the state boasts a low cost of living, a friendly Midwestern lifestyle, an abundance of outdoor recreational activities, some of the country’s leading universities, and more. Our love for Cincinnati runs deep, but of course it does have its downfalls. Cincinnati has made quite a few lists recently, naming it one of the best places to visit and live in the country. Have a look at our 10 signs that it’s time to move to a new city and see where you fall. I lived in Tampa for a long time. Here are a few reasons why you probably shouldn't move to the 206. When you’re ready, … Make Your Move ... And for those who may have misjudged this state — here are some reasons you may want to give it a second look... iStock Photo/AndreyKrav. Top 10 Reasons NOT to move to Columbus, Ohio. On Sunday, December 10, 2017 - 23:14 Courtesy of aceshot/iStock. Mitch Kline. Ohio is much more than cows and cornfields and much better off than many other states. Get free estimate. Top 5 Reasons NOT to Move to Ohio. On Monday, September 29, 2014 - 06:00 Brandon Schuster. In Ohio, it gets you a one bedroom with a pool, covered parking, access to a private movie theater, unlimited tanning, and the like. However, they’re still always down to stuff their face with chocolate-coated peanut butter balls any chance they get. 11 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Move To Cleveland. Stephanie Inman. Flashstarts, LaunchHouse Accelerator, and Bizdom Cleveland are just a few of the great companies here that want to help you grow. Cincinnati has lots to offer for anyone looking to relocated here, where you want hip uptown living, suburban neighborhoods or rural living. 8 Reasons to Move to North Carolina From the Outer Banks to a growing craft brewing scene, this state has everything to make moving truly worthwhile. Call me biased, but my 17 years of residence have been the best (and only for the matter) years of my life. On Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 01:23 Courtesy of Tim Hamilton under a CC 4.0 license. 1. If you’re considering moving to Columbus, you’re not alone… and here’s why. By . It's not merely that the sports fans among us have nothing to paint their chests for. While we’re … Or perhaps you dream of of a city with plenty of parks and places to enjoy the great outdoors, or one that offers great schools – from kindergarten to college – for you and your family. Don't even go there. Instead we've provided a list of 20 reasons you should never move to Indiana. The downtown is pretty small, most of Columbus is strip mall upon strip mall. 7 Reasons Living In Cincinnati Is The Best And Everyone Should Move Here. There are MANY colleges and universities – Ohio State isn’t the only one – Franklin, CCAD, Capital, Columbus State, Otterbein, Ashland, Ohio Dominican, Devry – to name a few. You will brag about these amenities to your friends and the only one they’ll be jealous of is the parking. If you’re considering a move to Chicago, chances are you’ve heard plenty of positive feedback. Fortunately, the reasons to move to Nevada far outweigh the reasons not to. And to say that people in Columbus are not as friendly as New Yorkers is just plain nonsense. Pop, not soda. Here are some reasons why you will love the Greater Cincinnati Area which encompasses parts of Indiana, Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Thanks for stopping by The world according to Briggs, I make lists. Why move to Ohio? Why not?! I was born and raised in Ohio and have lived in a couple of other states, however, Ohio has a way of drawing you back. Posted on February 27, 2020 by CycleCruza. (Oh snap!) Typically, Estately's articles detail reasons you should move to a particular state, but in the wake of recent events in Indiana we're making an exception. We mentioned this earlier but at 300+ days of sunshine, there will be no need to pack your umbrella. On Sunday, May 3, 2015 - 04:15 Courtesy of Bradley Weber under a CC 2.0 license. Of course, every great place comes with major downsides. According to some extremely credible and accurate source, Seattle only has six sunny days per year. Still not convinced that it’s time to make the move? Moving from a place to another is not new to most of us. And it's not that there is literally no culture/ history here. Why Not? It's not just that the arts community is nearly nonexistent. Washington, like so many other states, has some great things about it and some not so great things about it, too. ‘Nuff said. 9. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life as we all practice social and physical distancing. And calling our dear Ohio a mere "fly-over state?" Leave video suggestions in the comment section if you want. There’s a side of town best suited for you. Please stop. But this place is much more than a political pawn. You also will not go to the pool very often, and you will decide you don’t have enough time to keep tanning. You can travel between the three states and still be close to your home. Make your move. So maybe you can’t wait to put your roots down in a city with a vibrant urban core. Don't Edit. A Cleveland list would be remiss to leave out the Browns. These two halves are known as the East Side and the West Side — and residents of each share a friendly rivalry. 9. Google the saying “best location in the nation” and whad’ya know? The sun will be out before you can even get it over your head. Here are 10 reasons why a move to Cleveland might impact your life for the better. Cleveland appears atop the search results. We know, we know: Ohio is an ultra-important swing state. Though they’ve had their share of hard-knocks, the city always stands behind them. 14 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Move To Cincinnati. If you’ve ever driven cross-country, chances are you’ve zipped through Columbus, Ohio, without giving it a second glance. 8 Reasons to Move to Cincinnati, OH The Queen City has a rich history – and an increasingly bright future. MotoVlogs, New Rider Info, How To's, Reviews Safety … 10 Reasons Not to Move to California. Alan Woods; 112,545 views; Real Estate ; Ohio; Dayton; Overview; Next Article; 1. That OH-IO thing. Be sure to check out the Stunning architecture, world-class… By . Columbus, Ohio is a nice city, but like every state, city or town it has some things that won’t appeal to some people. Whether it’s for work, family, school, housing, or just a change of scenery, here are a few things to consider before you move to Cleveland. With so much to do, see, hike, ride, shop, taste, and explore, Ohio is just as worthy of its spot on the map as the big-kid tourist states. It's not only that the foodie scene is so woefully underdeveloped it feels like 1998 up in here. I tried to get away from Ohio permanently a few times but I always end up back in Ohio, haha.