When answering the question, “where do you see yourself in five years?” it is important to structure you answer by covering a few topics, such as: 1. The Balance published an article that covers some helpful strategies for letting the world know where you see yourself in 5 years. This knowledge will allow you both to feel more relaxed, safe and comfortable. Here's how to answer that age-old … Whether you’ve been together five days, five weeks or five years, you might not be on the same page all of the time. You need to let the other person know what is and is not okay in regards to the relationship. 2.5 – 3 years: Buy a home together. Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years Best Answer! If you don’t plan your next five years, you can already see them — just look at your last five. Make the most of the advice presented here to knock this question out of the park when it comes your way. When you see your partner, do you see the positives outweighing the negatives?” Hoda and Jenna share top 'ridiculous relationship goals' from romcoms July 27, 2016 03:29 No worries, though — hiring managers aren't … 3 – 4 years: Have a child. “Where do you see yourself in five years?” There is perhaps no interview question as daunting or mind-numbing. Most people don’t have a clear sense of what five years from now looks like professionally, let alone ten. “If you find yourself texting each other when you are at home together instead of talking to each other, this may be a sign that you relationship with your smartphone is encroaching on your partnership,” said Alicia H. Clark, a psychologist in Washington, D.C. // You'll see a "Where do you see yourself in 5 years" sample answer to help you impress the interviewers! it can be hard to articulate where you would like to be in your career next year, let alone five years (or longer) down the road. Having many partners before starting the relationship (the sweet spot for a couple is around max 5 partners each) Having the male (or one partner for a homosexual relationship) value sex much more than the female (or the other partner) 2. Be honest. Your Interest in the Job. Nothing hurts a relationship like a lie. Get married. 5. Even if you don't know where you see yourself in five years, there's a right way to answer this question during an interview. Get a pet. But even when you do know, it's important to be careful how you respond because you'll need to tailor your answer to the job for which you are interviewing. Is that a scary or positive thought?