We have high ceilings and windows so there is enough space to hang the planter up high and let the plant grow. This prevents the leaf edges from drying out. The Monstera minima is a special tropical plant that originally comes from the surroundings of Thailand and Malaysia. This being said, the New York Botanical Garden states that these plants will do okay with direct sunlight in the winter months (October through February) when they’re not actively growing. Listen to music from National Pornographic like Hypnotic, Girls & more. Monster-sized leaves that grow both upwards and sideways eventually tip the plant over. Naturally they grow sideways so is a great plant to pop on a book case and will trail down, alternatively she will grow upwards with a moss pole or bamboo stick. Name – Monstera deliciosa, false-philodendron Family – Araceae Type – indoor plant. Fofoti trees grow on the beach (you can visit a beautiful Fofoti tree for yourself at Eagle Beach, located just across from Amsterdam Manor) while the Divi Divi (Watapana) tree grows across the island, sprucing straight from the dirt. I've had it for 2 or 3 years. Monstera might not seem like an intuitive choice for MCM style. Once you see where the new growth is going to form, the stub could be trimmed a bit more. Wait until the first 1-2 inches of soil are dry to water your plant again. Some plants trail straight down, others grow more sideways and then hang down. Use supports like moss or bamboo sticks in the soil to direct its growth upwards, otherwise, the plant may grow sideways. These fast-growing plants are a tropical wonder in any house or office. In the right growing conditions, a healthy monstera will consume more and more space. I do love this plant and would like to keep it for as long as possible. With a plant that vines, you have options — train them to grow up, sideways, or just let them do their own thing. Foliage – evergreen. Over at HPH on Facebook we love seeing the creative ways members showcase their trailing plants, so we’ve decided to compile a list of favorites! We have a Monstera and it is spreading out sideways. Read More: All you need to know about how and when to water your indoor plants. Exactly as described. Indoor Plants. “Monsteras release chemicals from their roots that suppress the growth of other greenery, so whatever you do, don’t pot other plants in the same planter,” Satch adds. 3.0k votes, 91 comments. Both point in the same direction (Southwest) however, they grow at different angles, making it easy to mix them up! The unique thing about this plant is that its leaves have holes from an early age. I posted a picture of the little plant I got from the farmers market in July and one shows how it looks in Sept. New plant owners may be surprised to find their once-vertical house plant starts to take up more and more horizontal space as it expands outward. In nature, they’d eventually hit a tree and then climb up it. Love the instructions it came with (I also watched the video). Monstera essential facts. What’s yours? This pic shows clearly that the stub above the new growth is dead. Ideally, you need to be able to give it an environment that has medium to high humidity levels for it to thrive. The pins were incredibly easy to use and not damaging to the plant. View fullsize. And so it starts to snake its way through the forest floor, bending left a little… right a little… left a little… right a little. It has very bright neon green leaves when they're "new" and they gradually turn into a darker color as it matures. This is in contrast to the popular Monstera deliciosa. This is in contrast to the popular Monstera deliciosa. My String of Hearts plant is over five feet long and growing. The Monstera minima is also a fast grower. The Monstera minima is a special tropical plant that originally comes from the surroundings of Thailand and Malaysia. Monstera Deliciosa is a really cool plant that really adds the tropical look to its surroundings. Is there a way to slow down the growth while maintaining the health of the plant? This unique plant has a special growth method, namely sideways. 5 out of 5 stars. So, instead of growing straight up like the brand new plants from a nursery, they will often lean sideways. 514k members in the houseplants community. Care for Monstera pinnatipartita by feeding with every other watering in the growing season and misting its leaves. I live in a small studio apartment and I am afraid it will outgrow my space. I have a monstera growing vertically with single thick stem. This plant requires high humidity levels. It's a very attractive plant. This unique plant has a special growth method, namely sideways. View fullsize. I had a wild Monstera growing sideways and this bendable pole has helped immensely! Height – 3 to 10 feet (1 to 3 m) Exposure – veiled light Soil – soil mix. Best Growing Conditions for Monstera Plants . In the wild, Monstera vines can grow 20 metres tall and the adult leaves it will have by the time it gets to that height are a metre long! It just depends on how you want it to grow. The stem is almost 2″ in diameter. I have been growing this plant outdoors in Melbourne Beach Florida for a few years now. I've had this self-heading philodendron--I think it's "Moonlight". There’s no shame in cutting a plant back because it doesn’t fit with your whole aesthetic. As we’ve said a bunch of times already, their home in the wild is very tropical so it’s used to a load of moisture in the air. Spray the leaves at least once per week. And sometimes it’s just the angle – I have a small monstera that is hellbent on growing sideways, and I’m sorry mate, but I ain’t got the real estate for that. How to Right a Leaning Plant. Monstera grow best with bright, indirect light to properly thrive, but they can do well with bright artificial light and adapt to low-light conditions, too. Sometimes it’s not even a size issue, it just looks weird. The Monstera minima is also a fast grower. Plants that grow long need to be hung higher. Please help! Sadly, that’s not going to happen in the house. These abnormalities can add to the plant’s charm or make them look like a mess. 11 years ago. The Monsteras don't grow taller, they grow sideways.